Snoozebaby is an ambitious brand with a strong position in the baby market. These ultra-soft, functional and playful baby textile accessories, based on the self-invented tag-concept, touch people’s hearts worldwide. Many babies and toddlers can not be without their Snoozebaby tags and soft fabrics. They are great to touch, feel and play with. And while doing this, the fine motor skills are stimulated and the sense of touch is promoted. As a result, the products offer comfort, joy and security. And all of this, just by simply cuddling with our products.

Snoozebaby products are made of the finest fabrics such as jersey and velours. These special fabrics will absorb mum’s or dad’s body scent, which guarantees a secure feeling for baby. The famous tags differ in size, colour and texture, using satin, silk, rib and velvet. Each baby discovers their own favourite tag.

All products are hand-made with the greatest care and devotion.

Designed in Holland, loved all over.

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