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Para Mi is a Dutch trousers brand for fashionable women. At Para Mi we believe that specialising leads to perfection. That’s why we have been focussing on nothing but women’s trousers since 2011. Trousers which offer a unique value for money and are recognisable by our perfect fits. These fits are our speciality: we have the perfect fit for every type of woman and for every figure.

All about our trousers

The perfect fitting Para Mi trousers are made up of three elements elements, fit, comfort and quality.

At Para Mi we work with different kinds of fits, from From extra skinny to wide trousers. In addition to our basic models In addition to our basic models, Para Mi offers a wide range of trendy models every season, with refined details and in various lengths.

Our stretch technology, which is present in all our qualities, offers optimal comfort while wearing. In addition, our trousers pants fit every figure perfectly thanks to the characteristic high waist fit.

During our design process we carefully select our stretch qualities.  We have a varied range of qualities, including fabric thickness, finishing details, colours and prints, finishing details, colours and prints.  In our denim qualities we have a wide range of authentic and fashionable denim washes.
All our fabrics are of high quality. This ensures that our our trousers last and last.


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